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Our Vision

Our mission is to harness the professional strengths within our schools to provide sustainable improvement in the standards and effectiveness of teaching and learning for all children.
Our 4 Key Values drive everything we do:

How our Values become our Vision:
Inclusion: Children’s Endeavour Trust is a community of eight schools in which our children come first; We strive to empower all our children to develop and achieve within an ambitious and inclusive environment, enabling them to live healthy, happy and successful lives.
Ambition: We achieve this through excellent teaching that challenges and inspires and through providing engaging, stimulating and memorable enrichment opportunities that support each child’s development. We want all children and young people to enjoy school and to have positive experiences they will remember for the rest of their lives.
Integrity: We have built a strong and cohesive identity for our Trust whilst recognising that each school serves its community and has its own unique characteristics. Through collaboration and joint working, we ensure that all our schools share in, and benefit from, each other’s strengths and strengths from beyond.
Community: The schools in our Trust endeavour to recruit, retain and develop the highest quality staff in order to deliver the best educational outcomes – and be the employer of choice. The Trust is reflective and represents all stake holders, from pupils and parents, through to staff, Governors and Trustees.
Aims: We will work with every school that is part of our Trust to:       

  • Put excellence in teaching and learning at the heart of what we do;
  • Develop an inspiring, enriching curriculum that challenges pupils and extends and broadens their learning experiences;
  • Be a UNICEF rights-respecting school; Support inclusive practice and earn the Inclusion Quality Mark;
  • Work in partnership with other schools and agencies to ensure that the school is at the heart of its community;
  • Ensure all staff development is tailored to the needs of our schools and focused on inspiring, empowering and improving at every level.